Z-Bridge’s Bring-to-Work system ready for sea trials

© Z-Bridge

On 13 August 2020, Dutch offshore access provider Z-Bridge reported that its new Bring-to-work (B2W) access system was undergoing the last part of the certification tests. The system will next have to undergo sea trials.

The B2W system was undergoing testing on an onshore test location since May of this year. The last certification test consisted of a hoist function load test which is part of the criteria to comply to the Bureau Veritas rules for certification of Offshore Access System.

Lightweight motion compensated access system
Z-Bridge developed the B2W system to offer a lightweight, cost efficient motion compensated access solution that can also hoist 3 tonnes and is suitable to operate from a CTV or small SOV.

The system is based on the proven technology of the Zbridge W2W system. It includes patented roll & pitch compensation, control & monitoring software and the special landing head.

The B2W system can be mobilised as a modular unit on the deck of any suitable vessel or be mounted on a deck pedestal for a permanent setup. The system can be controlled from the deck or from an integrated control
unit on the vessels bridge. Being hydraulically driven, the power can come from the vessel or from a separate hydraulic pack.

Weighing only 22 tonnes (without deck interface), the company says it is the lightest available in the market able to operate from +10 up to 24 m LAT (Lowest Astronomical Tide).

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