TenneT announces plan for first of 3 380 kV high-voltage stations to tackle capacity shortage

TenneT has plans to build 3 new 380 kV high-voltage stations in the northeast of the Netherlands in order to increase the transmission capacity. The high-voltage grid operator wants to build the first one on the Zuid Groningen industrial estate along the N366 near Ter Apelkanaal in the municipality of Westerwolde.

TenneT is working with regional grid operator Enexis Netbeheer to strengthen the high-voltage grid in the northeast of the Netherlands to accommodate the energy transition. The companies are dealing with a large and growing supply of generated sustainable electricity and also expect an increase in electricity demand in the coming years. The 3 new 380 kV high-voltage stations should help reinforce the grid.

The new high-voltage station on the Zuid Groningen industry estate will consist of a 380 kV and 110 kV part (TenneT) and 20 kV (Enexis) part. The zoning plans will need to be adapted for this purpose. The Westerwolde and Stadskanaal municipalities have already indicated that they will cooperate in this.

TenneT will further develop the plans in the near future. Part of this is the connection to the existing (high-voltage) infrastructure. This autumn, TenneT is organising an information meeting for local residents and interested parties in collaboration with Enexis Netbeheer and the municipality.

In October 2019, TenneT already announced it would allocate 219 million EUR for new high-voltage substations in the north-east of the Netherlands. In the past year, TenneT and Enexis Netbeheer, together with the provinces of Groningen and Drenthe and various municipalities, studied a number of locations in the region.

The 3 high-voltage stations will be located close by, directly along or under existing 220 kV or 380 kV connections. They will form power intersections that connect the national electricity grid to the regional and local electricity grid and ensure a better transmission. TenneT is aiming for the commissioning of the new high-voltage stations by 2025.

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