Jumbo’s Fairpartner on its way with first TP’s for Taiwanese Yunlin OWF

Jumbo’s heavy load carrier MV Fairpartner is currently underway to Taiwan to deliver a first load of transition pieces (TP) for the Yunlin offshore wind farm.

The shipment is part of a large transportation and installation contract that Jumbo was awarded in June 2019 by Yunneng Windpower Co., a Taiwanese subsidiary of wpd AG.

Under the contract, Jumbo is responsible for the transportation of 40 monopiles and 120 monopile sections from Germany to Taiwan and of 40 TP’s from the Netherlands to Taiwan, as well as the installation of 80 TP’s in the 640 MW Yunlin offshore wind farm. For Jumbo this was the largest single contract the company had ever been awarded. The shipping company said it is using their K-class and J-class vessels as well as other third-party HLVs and deck carriers for the assignment. At the moment, 13 out of a total of 16 monopile transports have already been fully completed.

It will take 5 shipments in total to deliver all TP’s to the wind farm construction site in Taiwan. Jumbo is using two of their vessels. The Fairpartner now carries the first load of 10 TP’s. Each of the TP’s weigh 460 tonnes, have a diameter of 8.6 m and a height of 28 m.

The Fairpartner belongs to Jumbo’s J class vessels. Together with 3 other J class vessels (Fairplayer, Jumbo Javelin and Jumbo Jubilee) and 2 K class vessels (Jumbo Kinetic and Fairmaster) they represent 6 of 8 heavy-lift crane vessels currently available on the market that are able to transport 10 TP’s at the same time. The remaining two vessels are owned by BigLift.

The last TP-shipment is planned to depart from the port of Vlissingen by the end of September and arrive in Kaohsiung in November this year. The Jumbo Javelin is used for the installation work.

Formosa 1 Phase 2 Offshore Wind Farm
The Yunlin project is not the first assignment for Jumbo in Taiwan. In 2019, Jumbo also transported the TP’s for the Formosa 1 Phase 2 Offshore Wind Farm, using their vessel Jumbo Kinetic. In total, 20 TP’s were transported in 3 shipments from Laem Chabang in Thailand to Taichung in Taiwan. At that time, these were the heaviest TP’s that Jumbo has ever transported, the company said.

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