First turbine stands in Weijerswold WF

© Pure Energie (Source: Twitter)

Since the end of August, turbine installation work is ongoing in Weijerswold Wind Farm, located along the N863 provincial road between Schoonebeek and Coevorden in the province of Drenthe. The first wind turbine is now in place.

Weijerswold Wind Farm is a joint initiative of developers Pure Energie, Windunie and a number of land owners. The wind farm will house 4 Vestas wind turbines. Two of these are developed by Pure Energie and 2 by Windunie. It concerns the Vestas type V136 turbine, each with a hub height of 113.5 m, a rotor diameter of 136 m and a tip height of 181.5 m.

Preparatory work on the site started in February. The first activities piling activities started in April. This summer, the foundations were prepared. In August, Vestas started delivering the large components for the turbines. All parts have now been delivered.

The lifting activities started on 25 August. Work is currently underway on the installation of the components for the second wind turbine. If weather conditions permit, construction of all turbines could be completed at the end of September or early October this year. The turbines will then undergo testing before being officially commissioned.

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