Nordex completes first connection phase in Wieringermeer WF

German turbine supplier Nordex Group reported on Friday 4 September 2020 that it has completed the connection of the first 50 turbines in the Wieringermeer Wind Farm for its client Vattenfall. Construction of the next phase, with 32 turbines, is under way.

The Wieringermeer Wind Farm is located some 60 km north of Amsterdam in the Wieringermeer. 82 turbines, type N117/3600 from Nordex, are being built for Vattenfall. Nordex is connecting the turbines in phases. The company has connected the first phase, comprising 50 turbines in August. Installation work is ongoing for the remaining 32 turbines with only a few more to go.

Challenging conditions
According to Nordex, the project posed several technical, topographic and ecological challenges which forced the company to modify its processes. The challenges mainly have to do with the wind farm being built in a polder in an area covering 300 km2 which is crisscrossed by canals and also includes a protected forest. Due to the low bearing capacity of the ground, the foundations had to be piled and also raised by 1.5 metres to prevent flooding. In addition, rare bird breeding restrictions posed limits on access and operation to some turbines and the number of cranes allowed on the construction site.

Also, with not enough storage space available in the area, Nordex had to deliver the components when and where needed. In addition, the turbines came in seven different nacelle configurations. All which required more planning in logistics.

The project was not interrupted by COVID-19, Nordex said. The company took necessary measurements to enable continuation of the activities, even at the peak of the activities, when 8 large cranes and over 120 persons were working on the construction site at any one time. In addition to general travel restrictions and hygiene precautions, the company recruited a Dutch paramedic to check the temperature of all staff at the site each day before they commenced their duties and to provide medical advice if required.

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