Target reached of bond loan campaign for construction onshore part of Windplanblauw

Windplanblauw announced yesterday, Thursday 8 October 2020, that the target amount of the bond loan campaign for financing the construction of 37 wind turbines at Swifterbant had been reached.

Windplanblauw is an initiative of SwifterwinT and Vattenfall and concerns a repowering project in the northwest corner of the province of Flevoland in which the current 74 wind turbines will be replaced by 61 new turbines with a likely capacity of 4 MW.

Of the 61 turbines in total, 37 will be installed on land at Swifterbant. The onshore part is organised by SwifterwinT, a collaboration of more than 150 entrepreneurs, residents and turbine owners from the outskirts of Swifterbant.

For the construction of these turbines, SwifterwinT launched a bond loan subscription campaign on 10 September this year. From 21 September to 18 October, residents and companies from the Netherlands can subscribe. Bonds for a maximum of 10 million EUR were issued. In the meantime the target amount has been reached.

Local residents and companies from the region are given priority in the distribution of the bonds. For this purpose, 5 areas are used, of which area 1 to 3 comprise the immediate local region, area 4 the rest of Flevoland and area 5 the rest of the Netherlands. Windplanblauw reports that at the moment 11% of the subscribers are from the areas 1, 2 and 3. This means that there is still room for more regional investors. Interested parties can still register until October 18.

Main contract signed
Earlier this month, SwifterwinT has contracted Dura Vermeer Infra Landelijke Projecten BV as the main contractor for the onshore part of Windplanblauw. The company is responsible for the complete civil works and the necessary park infrastructure. Dura Vermeer has already set up a project office in Swifterbant and made a start with the necessary preparatory work for the physical construction work in the outlying area of ​​Swifterbant, Windplanblauw reports. The contractor will work with local companies.

Financial close is expected at the end of this year so that work can start in 2021.

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