Construction of De Drentse Monden en Oostermoer WF can continue


Today, Thursday 22 October, the court in Assen ruled that construction of De Drentse Monden en Oostermoer wind farm in the province of Drenthe can continue after opponents started interim relief proceedings, demanding the activities to halt.

De Drentse Monden en Oostermoer wind farm is a project by Duurzame Energieproductie Exloërmond B.V, Windpark Oostermoer Exploitatie B.V and Pure Energie Wind B.V. The construction activities for the wind farm, which will comprise 45 Nordex N131/3900 wind turbines, started earlier this year, in March, after financial close was reached in January.

Opponents, including the foundation Platform Storm and others, started proceedings after the Council of State dismissed previous appeals and provided green light for the project. They believe that the building permits violate European environmental regulations and feel supported by a previous ruling by the European Court on a Belgian wind project.

The judge found Platform Storm’s claim inadmissible on three counts. For one, Platform Storm could not sufficiently support the claim that it represents, and therefore act on behalf of, the residents of the two municipalities Borger-Odoorn and Aa en Hunze where the wind farm will be located. In addition, the judge also ruled that all permits issued are irrevocable and cannot be challenged in civil proceedings.

Platform Storm will now decide whether to proceed further or not.

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