Start construction Klaverspoor Wind Farm

Construction work for Vattenfall’s Klaverspoor wind farm is soon to kick off. The wind farm, one of five to be built along the A16.highway in West Brabant, is expected to supply the first electricity in the second half of 2022.

Klaverspoor wind farm will comprise six wind turbines to be placed along the A16 in the polder of Binnen-Moerdijk at the Klaverpolder junction. The turbines are supplied by Nordex Group and are of the type N149 / 5X with a hub height of 135 meters. The wind farm has an expected installed capacity of 34.2 MW and an annual electricity production which corresponds to the average annual consumption of approximately 30,000 Dutch households.

In July 2020, appeals relevant to Klaverspoor Wind Farm were declared unfounded by the Council of State, meaning Vattenfall could start preparing for construction.

Civil work, such as the construction of roads, crane stands, cables and foundations for the wind farm, will be performed by Heijmans. The turbines are expected to be installed in the summer of 2021 with the wind farm supplying the first power in the second half of 2021.

The project involves an investment of 45 million EUR. 25 percent of which is is for the account of the Brabant Development Agency (BOM).

Energie A16 project
Klaverspoor wind farm is part of the Energie A16 project in West Brabant. This also includes four other wind farms: Streepland Wind Farm, Galder Wind Farm, Zonzeel Wind Farm and 8 turbines planned in and around the Hazeldonk. Combined these add up to 28 wind turbines.

An appeal had been lodged with the Council of State against the construction of the wind turbines. The Council of State ruled that the province of Noord-Brabant still needs to revise a few points in the Wind Energy A16 adjustment plan. However, these relate to the other wind farms along the A16 and not to the Klaverspoor project.

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