Construction Blaakweg Wind Farm completed

Photo: Deltawind/Carola van der Linde

The construction of the Blaakweg Wind Farm near Nieuwe-Tonge in the province of Zuid-Holland has been completed. The 3 wind turbines are expected to become fully operational by the end of the year.

Blaakweg is one of two new wind farms that are being developed in the area surrounding the Battenoert Wind Farm which has been operational since 2016 (upscaling of a wind farm from 1996).

The project consists of 3 Nordex wind turbines with a total capacity of 10.8 MW. Civil works started in April this year. Construction of the turbines started in October. The wind farm is expected to be put into production at the end of the year.

The initiators of the Blaakweg Wind Farm are the energy cooperative Deltawind and Eneco (50:50).

Suyderlandt Wind Farm
The other project that is currently being built close to the existing Battenoert Wind Farm is the Suyderlandt project, comprising 3 Nordex N131- 3.6 MW turbines turbines. Deltawind is also the initiator in this project, together with Peynenburg b.v., also 50:50.

Now that the installation work at the Blaakweg project has been completed, the crane (Liebherr, provided by Barneveldse Kraanverhuur) will be moved to the Suyderlandt Wind Farm to start building the turbines there.

Update 16-11-2020 In the previous version it stated that Suyderlandt will have 3 Vestas turbines.

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