Construction stop call Zeewolde Wind Farm rejected

Arrival of transformers Source: Windpark Zeewolde

Construction of the 322 MW Zeewolde Wind Farm in the outskirts of Zeewolde can continue after the court Midden-Nederland rejected a demand this week for a construction stop via preliminary relief proceedings.

The Zeewolde Wind Farm is a repowering project whereby 220 older turbines are replaced by 91 more powerful turbines in an area covering over 300 km2. 19 of these turbines will have a tip height of 220 metres. The initiator is Windpark Zeewolde B.V., a collaboration of more than 200 local farmers, residents and Dutch entrepreneurs of the Netherlands. Financial close was reached in June this year.

Construction activities had already commenced in October 2019. These consist of the internal infrastructure an transformerstation construction. At the end of August, the two 150 / 33kV transformers by ABB arrived at the transformer station on the Vogelweg. The transformerstation will collect the electricity produced by the future turbines and transport it to the TenneT high-voltage station on the Bloesemlaan. They will start operation from the summer of 2021.

Demand for construction stop
A preliminary relief proceedings to force a construction stop was started by project developer Gem Spiegelhout, in anticipation of a substantive procedure.

Gem Spiegelhout is a collaboration of AM (part of the listed company Koninklijke BAM Groep N.V.), Amvest (affiliated with pension funds), Ymere (a housing association) and ING Real Estate (part of ING Bank). The aim of this collaboration is to realize housing development in the Oosterwold area, located on the territory of the municipality of Zeewolde. Gem Spiegelhout owns several plots of land in the plan area.

Gem Spiegelhout, as owner of land in the plan area, claims it has been sidelined by the authorities involved in violation of (European) laws and regulations. On 10 November the Court Midden-Nederland rejected the demand in a court ruling.

Upon completion, the wind farm will be the largest in the Netherlands. Currently the Prinses Ariane Wind Farm, which was recently officially opened, holds this title.

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