Municipal council establishes zoning plan for A2 Lage Rooijen citizen wind farm


The Maasdriel municipal council decided on 25 November to establish the zoning plan for the A2 Lage Rooijen Citizen Wind Farm.

The Municipal Executive subsequently issued the Environmental Permit. The province of Gelderland previously already issued the nature permit.

The A2 Lage Rooijen Citizen Wind Farm is an (50:50) initiative of Coöperatie Bommelerwaar cooperative and energy consulting company Green Trust. The plan provides for the installation of three wind turbines east of the A2 highway, near exit Kerkdriel, in the municipality of Maasdriel (province of Gelderland).

The three turbines will generate electricity for almost all households in the municipality of Maasdriel. The local community can directly participate via the Bommelerwaar cooperative.

The decisions will be published shortly. after publication, the appeal procedure starts with the Council of State. If the project gets the final go-ahead, construction of the wind farm could start in 2023. The wind farm could then become operational at the end of 2023.

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