Green light for 28 turbines along the A16 motorway

Source: EnergieA16

Today the Dutch Administrative Law Division of the Council of State issued a positive final decision on the provincial zoning plan ‘Windenergie A16’. The plan that provides for 28 wind turbines over a length of 28 km along the A16 motorway can now be implemented.

The 28 wind turbines will be realised in 4 clusters in the municipalities of Moerdijk, Drimmelen, Breda and Zundert. At the Klaverpolder junction the wind farms Streepland (3 turbines) and Klaverspoor (6 turbines) are planned. At the Zonzeel junction the Zonzeel wind farm with 6 turbines. At the Galder junction the Galder wind farm with 3 wind turbines. In the fourth cluster, Hazeldonk, 8 turbines will be realised.

The wind farms are developed by several parties, including the energy companies Pure Energie (7 turbines spread over 3 clusters), Eneco and Vattenfall (The Klaverspoor Wind Farm). The latter has already started with the preparatory activities for the construction at the end of October.

Interim decision in July
23 appeals have been filed against the zoning plan, the majority of which come from residents and companies who live or are located in the area where the wind turbines are to be located. They fear that the turbines will affect their quality of life or business activities. They are mainly concerned with noise nuisance, nuisance caused by cast shadow and damage to the natural environment.

In an interim decision of July this year on the integration plan, the Administrative Jurisdiction Division noted that the provincial council of Noord-Brabant made a number of assessment errors when assessing the noise and shadow nuisance from the new wind turbines. The provincial council was given 26 days to correct a number of flaws in the zoning plan.

By decision of 11 September 2020, the provincial council adopted the amended integration plan “Herstelbesluit Windenergie A16”. A number of parties have expressed their views on this. However, the Administrative Jurisdiction Division ruled the way in which the provincial council has corrected the defects in the integration plan in order. With this ruling, the integration plan, the environmental permits and exemptions from the Nature Conservation Act for the wind farms are irrevocable. This means a green light is given for the realisation of the wind turbines.

Together, the turbines generate an estimated electricity capacity equal to the consumption of at least 100,000 households. The turbines are expected to be operational at the end of 2022 and will then contribute to the climate goals of the province of Brabant to have 50% of all energy generated in Brabant from renewable energy sources in 2030 and 100% in 2050.

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