Green light for construction Nij Hiddum-Houw WF

Vattenfall and Gooyum-Houw BV. have given the green light for the start of the construction of the Nij Hiddum-Houw wind farm. The project in which 16 wind turbines are replaced by 9 more powerful units involves an investment of 60 million euros.

Vattenfall and Gooyum-Houw, a partnership of 45 private individuals and companies from the area, are developing the project together. Vattenfall will own four of the nine wind turbines. Gooyum Houw BV will own the other five. The current Vestas turbines with a total installed capacity of approximately 5 MW have been operational since 1995.

The nine new turbines will have an installed capacity of almost 42 MW and will soon produce 160,000 MWh per year. The repowering project received approval from the Council of State in January.

Start construction
Preparatory work will start in December. The developers have announced the main contractors. German turbine supplier Enercon supplies the 9 turbines and foundations. These turbines, type E136 EP5, have a shaft height of 109 meters, a rotor diameter of 136 meters and a tip height of 177 meters. Each has a capacity of 4.65 MW. The turbine was developed in the Netherlands.

The combination Jansma Drachten BV – M. Westra BV from Drachten and Franeker respectively will carry out the civil work, such as the construction of roads, crane hardstands and park cabling for the wind farm. The first green electricity is expected in the second half of 2022.

Locally owned
With 5 wind turbines, the majority of the park will be locally owned. Various profit schemes have been agreed to allow the surrounding area to benefit from the wind farm. There is a local residents’ scheme for residents in the vicinity of the turbines, including all residents of Cornwerd, and a village scheme for Wons and Zurich. In addition, there are various participation options to invest in the park.

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