Damen supplies next Fast Crew Supplier to Opus Marine

© Damen

Damen Shipyards Group will supply a Fast Crew Supplier (FCS) 2710 to Opus Marine in Germany. The vessel, called Allegro, will be delivered to Opus Marine in March, and used to support the company’s charterers in the offshore wind industry in the German part of the North Sea.

The two companies signed the contract on December 3. At the time of signing the contract, the FCS 2710 was already being built at the Damen yard. It is the first FCS 2710 for the German offshore wind market. This is not the first Fast Crew Supplier for Opus Marine. In 2015, the company, which specializes in sea transports for the offshore industry, already purchased a Damen FCS 2610, named Verdi. This was also the first FCS 2610 on the German market at the time. In total, Opus Marine’s fleet now consists of 7 specialized ships.

The FCS 2710 builds on the success of the FCS 2610 design. It uses the same Twin Ax-bow design. One difference is the 1 meter higher height of the ship above the water. This allows the FCS 2710 to operate in water with a wave height of more than 2 meters. The FCS 2710 also offers additional deck space, fuel capacity and accommodation.

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