SwifterwinT op Land reaches financial close

Source: SwifterwinT

Last week, SwifterwinT op Land Wind Farm reached financial close. The wind farm is part of Windplanblauw in the northwest corner of Flevoland, in the municipalities of Dronten and Lelystad. Now that the financing has been completed, the construction of the 37 wind turbines, the substation and the connection to the national electricity network can start.

A consortium of banks, consisting of Rabobank, ABN AMRO Bank, Nederlandse Waterschapsbank, Landesbank Baden-Württemberg and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, will provide long-term financing for the wind farm. This is in addition to the investment of the certificate holders of SwifterwinT op Land B.V..

In addition, residents of Swifterbant, Dronten and Lelystad and other interested parties were able to participate financially in the wind farm by means of a bond loan of EUR 10 million in total. The issue of this bond loan took place last year.

SwifterwinT BV, a collaboration of more than 170 agricultural entrepreneurs and residents of the municipality of Dronten, is responsible for the construction of the onshore wind farm. The wind farm is expected to be ready in 2023. The 37 wind turbines are then expected to produce approximately 780 GWh of green electricity per year. Earlier this year it was announced that energy company Eneco will purchase electricity from the onshore wind farm.

Windpark SwifterwinT op Land is part of Windplanblauw. The current 74 wind turbines will be replaced by 61 larger, more powerful turbines. In addition to the 37 onshore wind turbines of SwifterwinT op Land, 24 wind turbines will also be installed on the IJsselmeer. This is the responsibility of Vattenfall. The final signal for the construction of the 24 wind turbines on the IJsselmeer will follow later.

In total, these wind turbines will generate approximately 250 MW of sustainable electricity annually. Part of the proceeds from the wind farm will be deposited into an environmental fund for the benefit of the residents of the municipalities of Dronten and Lelystad.

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