Pondera completes Hollandse Kust (west) investigation


Pondera has completed the investigation into the site decisions for Hollandse Kust (west) plots VI and VII, for which tenders are planned in 2021.

The Dutch renewable energy expert completed the Environmental Impact Report (EIA) and the Appropriate Assessment (PB) for the ministries of Economic Affairs & Climate Policy (EZK), LNV, BZK and I&W.

Hollandse Kust (west) Wind Farm Zone (HKWWFZ) is located approximately 51 kilometres off the west coast of the Netherlands. There are 2 wind farm sites designated within the zone: HKW Wind Farm Site VI and VII. The total surface area of the Wind Farm Sites within the zone (including maintenance and safety zones) is approx. 176 km2.

The studies examined the effect of a maximum of 1,560 MW of wind energy being realised in the designated wind energy area. Because the wind energy area offers more space than is necessary for this task, Pondera examined which areas within the wind energy area were suitable for the two plots. In particular, attention was paid to the ecological effect of the construction and operation of the wind turbines, as well as the effect on the existing use of the area, such as fishing, shipping and mining.

The wind farms plots are scheduled to be operational in 2025-2026. TenneT will build two grid connections: Hollandse Kust (west) Alpha and Hollandse Kust (west) Beta. TenneT awarded a joint venture between ENGIE Solutions and Iemants the contract for the offshore transformer station Hollandse Kust (west) Alpha earlier this month. The transformer station is scheduled to be commissioned in 2024.

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