Vermeer Wind Farm entered testing phase

Vermeer Wind Farm ©

The Vermeer Wind Farm entered the testing phase after the last of 20 turbines was installed in December. Contractor Dura Vermeer is now wrapping up the site cleaning activities. The wind farm is to be handed over to the owner at the end of Q1 2021.

The wind farm is located near Veendam, in the province of Groningen. The project features 20 Siemens Gamesa DD-130 R19, 4.2 MW turbines with a hub height of 135 meters and a tip height of almost 200 meters.

Dura Vermeer was contracted to build the foundations, park roads and crane hardstands for the turbines. The contractor started the construction activities in September 2019. The locations for the wind turbines were completed in May, so Siemens could start building the turbines. In December, Siemens gave free all turbine locations to Dura Vermeer for the temporary crane hardstands and road modifications clean-up work.

N33 project
The Vermeer project is part of the N33 wind development near the towns of Meeden, Veendam and Muntendam. The project is being realised by RWE and Yard Energy. The N33 project features 35 turbines in total: 20 in the Vermeer project, and 15 in the Eekerpolder Wind Farm. The turbines are installed in 3 sections: 27 wind turbines in the northern area (Eekerpolder and part of Vermeer), 4 wind turbines in the middle area (Vermeer) and 4 wind turbines in the southern area (Vermeer). The last of the 15 turbines in Eekerpolder was placed in November 2020. The first turbine in the N33 project started to produce electricity in September 2020.

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