First badge monopiles from Sif arrives in Japan

© Sif Group

On Tuesday January 12, 2021, the first 9 of a total of 33 monopiles produced by Sif arrived in Akita, Japan. The final destination is the 139 MW Japanese Akita Noshiro offshore wind farm.

The Akita Noshiro wind farm is being realised in two parts; off the coast of the ports of Akita and Noshiro, in the Akita prefecture in the north-west of Japan.  In total, 33 MHI Vestas, type V117-4.2 MW, wind turbines with a capacity of 4.2 MW each will be built here.

Sif received the definite order from Kajima Corporation in March 2020. The compay supplies 33 monopiles and 33 transition pieces, good for approximately 25 KTon of steel. The foundations are fabricated in Sif’s Maasvlakte 2 facility and shipped from here to Japan. The first badge was transported by SAL Heavy Lift’s MV Lone.

Fred van Beers, CEO of Sif Holding commented: “Sif is evaluating the development of the Japanese offshore wind market for some years now. Sif recognises the ongoing development of offshore wind in Japan and therefore has decided to open a sales office in Tokyo in 2019 to study further expansion of Sif’s business activities in Japan. This first delivery of Sif monopiles to Japan is an important milestone for us.”

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