Enexis to invest 941 million euros in the Dutch energy grid in 2021

Dutch grid manager Enexis Netbeheer intends to invest a record amount of 941 million euros in the Dutch energy grid in 2021. The investments will be used to keep the grid safe, reliable and future-proof and to work towards a sustainable energy system to ensure that the 2030 targets from the Climate Agreement can be fulfilled.

The 941 million euros is an increase of more than 60% compared to the work package in 2015. The planned work package for 2020 was 878 million euros.

The 2021 work package consists of investments from Enexis’ 2020-2030 investment plan that can be realised in 2021 and activities in activities that will guarantee the safety and reliability of the energy grid, such as inspection, maintenance and replacement. This also includes the current gas network. On the one hand to meet the heat demand for the coming years and on the other hand to make the gas network suitable for the transport of hydrogen gas and green gas, Enexis Netbeheer said.

In addition, the work package includes activities that arise directly from orders and the needs of customers, such as the realisation of new connections and associated network investments for both consumers and large business customers. In addition, Enexis Netbeheer is investing in the digitization of the networks, such as installing Distribution Automation (DA) and Distribution Automation Light (DALI).

In order to keep the electricity grid affordable, Enexis Netbeheer indicates that it is important to use the existing grid capacity in a smarter way and that there is more control over the development of sustainable energy generation. Enexis Netbeheer sees the Regional Energy Strategies (RES) as an important starting point for investment decisions.

Investment by province
Enexis Netbeheer is responsible for the energy supply of more than 3 million Dutch households and companies, spread over various provinces. In 2021, the company will invest 136 of the 941 million euros in the energy grid in the province of Groningen, 96 million euros in Drenthe, 163 million euros in Overijssel, 195 million euros in Limburg and 351 million euros in Noord-Brabant.

ProvinceTotal investment in million eurosInvestment in Gas networkInvestment in Electricity networkInvestment in Smart meters

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the energy transition continues in the Netherlands. Enexis foresees this will generate a lot of additional work in the coming years. This has to do with more and more customers wanting to feed back to the grid and the connection of sustainable energy projects, including solar and wind farms, which will require drastic adjustments. According to the company, this cannot be done everywhere at the same time. In addition, the shortage of technical personnel presents a challenge. Source: Enexis Netbeheer

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