Weijerswold Wind Farm fully operational

Source: Pure Energie

The 4 wind turbines in Weijerswold Wind Farm have been formally handed over by the turbine supplier to the wind farm operators Windunie and Pure Energie. This means that the wind farm near Weijerswold, in the municipality of Coevorden, has been officially put into operation. Together, the 4 turbines are expected to annually generate approximately 48 million kWh.

Weijerswold is a joint initiative of sustainable energy company Pure Energie, the Windunie cooperative and a number of land owners. In September 2018, the zoning plan and permits for the 4 wind turbines along the N863 provincial road between Schoonebeek and Coevorden in the municipality of Coevorden (province of Drenthe) became irrevocable.

The Danish company Vestas was awarded the contract for the supply of the 4 turbines in December 2019. It concerns the turbine type V136 with a hub height of 113.5 meters, a rotor diameter of 136 meters and a tip height of 181.5 meters. The turbines each have a capacity of approximately 3 MW. Preparatory work on the wind farm site started at the beginning of 2020. Construction of the turbines started at the end of August 2020. At the beginning of October 2020, the initiators announced that the construction of all 4 wind turbines was complete.

Now that Vestas has formally handed over the wind turbines, the last work can be completed, such as placing fences on the access roads, processing the remaining soil and paving the access roads and the crane hardstands. In addition, the settings of the cast shadow limitation system that has been active since December 2020 are also being examined.

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