TenneT & Liander start construction new transformer station in Nijmegen-Noord


Grid operators TenneT and Liander are working in consultation with the municipality of Nijmegen on a new transformer station in Nijmegen-Noord, in the Oosterhout region. The new station should facilitate the increasing demand for electricity in the area under development and the connection of future wind turbines and solar fields. The current station is at maximum capacity. The preperatory works have recently started. The station is expected to be ready in 2023.

Nijmegen North is an area under development. Many homes and other facilities have been built in a short time. As a result, the demand for electricity has risen sharply. The current transformer station, which supplies electricity to the Oosterhout district, is at maximum capacity.

The area will continue to expand in the coming years with a number of wind turbines, solar fields and some 3,000 to 3,500 additional homes. In January, for example, the construction of a solar field with 11,000 panels (Zonnepark de Grift) in Nijmegen-Betuwe Wind Farm started. In its preliminary draft offer, the RES (Regional Energy Strategy) Arnhem Nijmegen region aims to achieve 1.68 TWh of sustainable energy generation by 2030.

The transformer station will be located close to business park 15, close to the A15 highway. TenneT and Liander have opted for this location because there is space available and there are large consumers of electricity close by. In the preliminary draft offer of the RES Arnhem Nijmegen, the area around the A15 is also seen as a promising area for the creation of an innovative energy hub and also has a number of search areas for wind turbines and solar fields.

The transformer station will be approximately 60 by 150 meters in size and located on a site of about three hectares. TenneT is building an open switching garden with ten 150 kV fields and Liander is building a closed 150/20 kV substation with three power transformers. These transformers are enclosed on three sides and are part of the building.

The site is currently being prepared. The construction work will start from mid-February. TenneT also intends to put a high-voltage line underground (cabling). It concerns the high-voltage line that runs from the Nieuw Balveren sports park to the new transformer station. It is expected that a draft zoning plan for this will be made available for inspection in the first quarter of 2021. Source: Liander

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