Wijchen City Council approves plans for Bijsterhuizen Wind Farm

Source: Burgersgevenenergie.nl

The City Council of Wijchen held a meeting yesterday about the possible arrival of 3 wind turbines northwest of the Bijsterhuizen business park, near Nijmegen. After the Wijchen municipal executive had previously cooperated in principle, the city council now also decided to agree to the plans for this wind farm. The initiator Wind in Wijchen can now apply for the necessary permits.

Since 2014, Wind in Wijchen, an initiative of local entrepreneurs from Wijchen, has been working on the development of the wind farm. The plan consists of three wind turbines in a line arrangement parallel to the Nieuwe Wetering and on the border with the municipality of Beuningen. The wind turbines could annually generate green electricity that is comparable to the annual energy consumption of 8,000 households.

An official public support survey had shown that the required two-thirds majority of the local residents in favor of the project had just not been met. Given the small number of residents involved, the difference would be only 1 household. The city council therefore did not see this as an obstacle. In addition, the argument put forward was that the municipality would like to keep control of the allocation of possible wind turbines. If the city council did not agree, the province could eventually allocate locations. The municipality of Wijchen is now going to request the province of Gelderland to leave the planning integration to the municipality.

Because the plans propose a higher wind turbine (maximum of 185 m) than indicated in the Code of Conduct for Wind Energy (maximum height of 150 meters), the municipal council also had to agree with a change in the zoning plan.

During the meeting of the city council on Thursday evening, an overwhelming majority (24 for and 2 against) finally voted in favor of the change in the zoning plan and the environmental plan. Wind in Wijchen can now take the next steps.

Wijchen energy park
The 3 wind turbines are part of a broader plan for an energy landscape in Wijchen. There is also a plan for an 8MWp solar park on approximately 10 ha. By making use of cable pooling between wind and sun and by realizing storage in the form of a 3MWh battery, flexibility must be created to match the supply and demand of energy.

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