ASML signs 10-year PPA with RWE

ASML, manufacturer of chip-making equipment, and energy company RWE have signed a power purchase agreement (PPA). Under the terms of the 10-year agreement, which is already underway, ASML will be provided with more than 250 gigawatt hours of green electricity per year from RWE.

The power will be delivered from a portfolio of various renewable energy sources across different technologies. Amongst them two new RWE onshore wind farms in the Netherlands, Oostpolderdijk (3 turbines on the primary sea dike Oospolderdijk) and Westereems 3 near Eemshaven. These wind farms will have a combines power of 16.5 MW and will be commissioned during 2021. The wind farms were developed, built and are operated by the company’s subsidiary RWE Renewables.

In addition, power offtake will be from the Belgian offshore wind farm Noordwester 2 and a solar plant, owned by a company in which RWE holds a minority share, near Borssele.

The procurement of green electricity from third parties and its supply to ASML is handled by RWE Supply &<Trading.

Marijn Vervoorn, ASML’s director of Sustainability Strategy, says: “ We support the energy transition and aim to source 100% of our energy from responsible, renewable sources, such as wind, solar, and geothermal energy in 2025. This agreement is an important step towards our objective. We also see this agreement as an incentive for sustainable energy companies to invest in new renewable energy parks for local use.”

“We are pleased to support ASML in reducing its carbon footprint,” says Tom Glover, Chief Commercial Officer at RWE Renewables. “With our broad and international portfolio of renewable assets, we are among the largest producers of green power. The Netherlands is one of our core markets, where we already operate seven onshore wind farms with a total capacity of around 300 megawatts.”

To expand its capacity, the company is currently constructing four new onshore wind farms and a solar plant with a total installed capacity of around 120 megawatts.

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