14 large parties pledge to investigate how to share lessons learned from incidents

At the moment there is no good system in place for sharing the lessons learned from incidents between the different companies in the wind sector in the Netherlands. During a first session on safety by the Dutch wind energy association NWEA, 14 large parties in the wind sector signed a letter of intent to investigate how to share their lessons learned.

Whereas in other sectors, such as defense, it is already more common place to share lessons learned from incidents, this is not the case yet in the wind sector. A research, initiated by the NWEA Wind on Land (onshore wind) Subcommittee on Safety & Health, is a first step towards making this possible. On Wednesday 10 February, 14 parties from the wind sector signed a letter of intent in which they indicated that they will further investigate how to share the lessons learned from incidents within the wind sector.

The 14 parties are NWEA, Certion, Deutsche Windtechnik, Eneco, Enercon, EWT, F&B Group, Nordex, RWE, Siemens Gamesa, Topwind Consultancy, Vattenfall, Ventolines & Vestas.

Kick-off research
After signing the lettor of intent, the afternoon was spent mapping out how the various companies envision the collaboration: what they can or want to share and how they wish to share this.

In the coming weeks, the outcome of the session will be processed into a plan of action for the research. This will serve as the basis for a number of work sessions in the coming months in which the details of the collaboration will take further shape. The research is expected to be completed in three months, after which the next steps will be taken towards actually sharing the information. Source: NWEA

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