Status:Commissioned in 2007
Location:10-18 km off the coast of Egmond aan Zee
Production Capacity: 108 MW (demonstration project)
Annual yield: 400.000.000 kWh
Turbines: 36 x V90-3MW
Turbine power:3 MW
Hub height: 70 m
Tip height: 115 m
Rotor diameter: 90 m
Foundation piles: Monopile, 45m long on average with a
diameter of 4,6m and a wall thickness of 40 to 60mm. Weight: approx. 230 t. Produced by Bladt industries (DK).
Transition pieces: Weight: 147 ton, 27m length. Produced by
Bladt Industries (DK)
Export cables: 3 x 34kV
Main vessels used: Svanen (foundations), SEA ENERGY (turbines), Team Oman (kabels)
Substation onshore: Wijk aan Zee
Maintenance port: IJmuiden
Contractors: Bouw Combinatie Egmond (BCE), a project joint venture of Ballast Nedam & Vestas (EPC)
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