Five wind turbines make way for the Oosterscheldekering optimization project and start second live in Italy

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The Province of Zeeland has designated the Oosterscheldekering as a concentration location for wind energy. Developer E-Connection has taken the initiative to further optimize this location by adding 8 wind turbines and replacing 5 existing turbines. The company contracted Business in Wind to find a new destination abroad for the 5 old turbines. The first 3 have been decommissioned in recent weeks.

The turbines are being replaced to make optimal use of the limited space available in the Netherlands. The location offers good wind conditions and as such a lot of wind energy can be generated. The wind turbines that are being replaced, each with a capacity of 3 MW, are now 15 years old. With the current state of technology it is possible to install more powerful turbine types. The new turbines will generate more than twice as much electricity.

Second life
The turbines that are being removed are still in good condition. To give them a second life, E-Connection has teamed up with Business in Wind, a network of wind energy professionals who are specialised in the dismantling, renovation, installation and commissioning of used wind turbines.

Business in Wind already found a new destination for the 5 turbines, each with a capacity of 3 MW. They will be installed in a region in Italy with a very appropriate name: Buonconvento, which means something like good wind. Buonconvento is an ideal destination as there are no turbines yet and other solutions are too expensive there. Business in Wind arranges for the turbines to be installed there and to be properly serviced, to allow them to produce electricity for another 10 to 15 years.

Optimization of the Oosterscheldekering wind farms
The replacement of the wind turbines is part of OWO, Optimization Wind Farms Oosterscheldekering, a unique combination of wind energy, nature, recreation and flood defense. It is performed by E-Connection. The 80 MW already installed will be expanded to approximately 130 MW. The first phase consists of 5 wind farms with a total of 13 turbines, which will generate as much wind power in early 2022 as 70,000 households use annually. The Oosterscheldekering wind farms project is

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