Status:Commissioned in 2021
Location:Appr. 20 km off the coast of Vlissingen, in the Borssele Offshore Wind Farm Zone, Area size: 0,59 km2. Water depths: 15 to 37 m
Owner:Two Towers B.V. (Van Oord, Investri Offshore & Green Giraffe)
Production Capacity:19 MW
Annual yield: kWh
Turbines: 2
Turbine power:MHI Vestas V164-9.5 MW
Hub height: m
Tip height: m
Rotor diameter: m
Foundation: Monopiles & Transition pieces by Sif Group
Inter-array cables: One 66 kV cable
Export cables: N/A
Main vessels used: Aeolus
Grid operator: TenneT
Substation offshore: Borssele Beta
Substation onshore: Borssele
Maintenance port: Vlissingen
Main contractors: Van Oord
Innovations:Slip Joint connection, TSA Coating, ICCP Optimisation, Oval cable entry hole & Eco-Friendly scour
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