Five specialized energy companies join in new Dutch energy network Groendus

Greenspread, Rooftop Energy, Solaris Industria, CT Energy and Ealyze, 5 specialized Dutch energy companies, join together as Groendus, a new energy network. Under the leadership of CEO René Raaijmakers and Jeroen de Haas, Groendus helps Dutch businesses towards 100% clean energy by offering an innovative integrated approach to smart energy savings, energy generation and direct purchasing and sales.

According to Jeroen de Haas it is time for fundamental changes in the energy system. With sustainable energy being weather dependent, and therefore volatile, there is a mismatch of supply, demand and timing. This requires the use of gray electricity at times when clean energy is not available. Much of the solution lies in boosting energy consumption at the same time as it is being generated. This requires a different, more integrated approach than is customary today, de Haas said.

Combining robust energy data & an integrated approach
Via Groendus, organizations and institutions can save, generate and purchase and sell energy. Groendus is fully mapping out the route to clean energy. An important factor is the focus on simultaneity: using the required energy when it is generated by renewable energy sources. Preferably as local as possible, from the client’s own terrain or somewhere nearby, using wind energy, solar energy and/or energy storage. The Groendus energy marketplace matches local buyers and sellers every hour.

A unique roadmap to 100% clean energy is created for each customer by analysing the consumption and energy demand on an hourly basis. The algorithm searches for the “perfect match” with sustainable, local energy sources. In addition, Groendus develops and finances generation systems at the customer, so that entrepreneurs make maximum use of their own generation potential. A data-driven savings plan ensures that no unnecessary energy is consumed.

With almost 100 employees, Groendus operates from Utrecht and Haarlem. The company indicates that it has realized 150 MWp of solar power installations in the Netherlands and already has nearly 100 business locations directly linked to sustainable producers in the area via the Groendus energy marketplace. Photo: Rene Raaijmakers & Jeroen de Haas ©Groendus

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