Amsterdam adapts search areas for wind energy within city limits

Search areas for wind energy in Amsterdam. Green = preferred, yellow= reserve, red = additional reserve, grey = old search area

The Amsterdam city council has adapted the search areas for wind energy within the city boundaries. The decision follows after a year of talks with residents and research into suitable areas for wind turbines. The Council will decide on the definite areas in May of this year.

Amsterdam has set the ambition to generate an additional 50 megawatts of wind energy by 2030, as part of the Regional Energy Strategy (RES) Noord-Holland Zuid. This would bring the installed wind capacity by 2030 at 127 MW. 17 wind turbines will have to be installed within the city limits to achieve this target. Amsterdam is looking for suitable locations within the municipal boundaries for wind energy. One of the criteria is to find areas where the effects for residents are minimal. In early 2020, the Council presented the draft RES.

In further research into suitable locations, the Council considered the support for the wind turbines and reactions of stakeholders, integration into the area, the amount of energy that is generated, and the effects of the wind turbines on the living environment and nature.

Search areas
The preferred areas are Havengebied, Noorder IJ-plas & Cornelis Douwesterrein, Ring A10 Noord, IJmeer bij Strandeiland / Buiteneiland IJburg, Sciencepark, Diemerscheg, the Waternet location at Weesperkarspel and the Holendrecht interchange. About half of the number of wind turbines are likely to fit in the port area.

Reserve areas are De Brettenzone, the northwestern part of the Ring A10 Noord near Landsmeer, the western part of Strandeiland / Buiteneiland and the Amstel III business park. The additional reserve areas are Amstelscheg, Gaasperplas, Zeeburgereiland, IJburg bay and IJburg Diemerpark. The reserve areas are only considered if enough clean electricity cannot be generated in the preferred areas. Source:

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