Eneco starts removal oldest turbines from Landtong Rozenburg Wind Farm

Landtong Rozenburg WF
© Eneco

Eneco will start this month with the removal of the 10 oldest wind turbines from Landtong Rozenburg Wind Farm as part of a repowering project. The old turbines are reused locally as much as possible. For the first time, the rotor blades of the turbines are also partly recycled.

The current Landtong Rozenburg wind farm in the port of Rotterdam consists of 12 wind turbines with a total capacity of 21 MW. The first 10 turbines (15 MW) were built in 2007. In 2015 two more turbines were added.

The first 10 wind turbines will be replaced this year by 9 modern platforms. These are provided by Vestas. It concerns the V126-3.45 MW turbine with a tip height of 193 meters and 3.8 MW capacity in Power Optimized Mode. This brings the total installed capacity of the project at 34 MW. The 9 new turbines together will generate more than 117 GWh of green electricity annually. This is the equivalent of the average annual power use of 43,000 households.

The removal of the old wind turbines is done by F&B Windpower from Franeker. The turbines are reused locally as much as possible. For example, the foundations of the turbines are reused on site for roads and crane hardstands. The turbines will largely been shredded locally. The metals are then reused as raw material.

Eneco is now also partially recycling the rotor blades. The German company neowa GmbH will recycle the composite from the rotor blades into concrete that can be reused for concrete clinkers, for example.

Shore power
The new wind farm is also used for shore power, initially for Heerema’s crane vessels. When the vessels dock in the port of Rotterdam, they can switch off the diesel generators and use the green power (11 kV) supplied via a shore-side power installation, the so called ‘E-house’ to two bollards with a junction box alongside each to run all facilities on board.

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