Greenchoice, Vattenfall & Portliner explore floating charging station powered by Hartelkanaal WF

Greenchoice, Vattenfall and PortLiner have signed a letter of intent to jointly develop a floating charging station with a flow battery in the port area of ​​Rotterdam to stimulate “green sailing” for both inland and seagoing vessels. The parties aim to realize the project in the period 2021/2022.

The 3 parties are exploring the possibility of developing a pontoon with a Vanadium Redox Flow battery. This battery must provide discharge and charging options for electrolyte and serve as a charging station for inland shipping and seagoing vessels.

According to the companies, although power is already available for charging batteries in most inland shipping ports, there is still no convincing solution to quickly supply seagoing vessels with sufficient power. The charging station with the Vanadium Redox Flow battery must offer a solution for both types of ships.

Hartelkanaal Wind Farm

A connection to the 24 MW Hartelkanaal Wind Farm should enable direct charging of the battery. The wind farm features 8 wind turbines between the N15 and the Hartelkanaal in Rotterdam and is Greenchoice’ first own wind farm. The wind farm is operational since 2015. Together the turbines generate an average of 68 GWh of green electricity per year. This is the equivalent of the annual energy consumption of around 18,000 households. In June 2019, Greenchoice officially put a 10 MW / 10 MWh energy storage system into use at the wind farm.

Quick charging

The flow battery can charge and discharge indefinitely, without wear or aging. In addition, there is relatively little energy loss, making it a sustainable option. The innovative solution will also help balancing the electricity grid on the national energy markets.

Realisation in 2021/2022

Each party will contribute their own expertise and knowledge. PortLiner develops, designs, finances and realizes the pontoon with the Vanadium Redox Flow battery. Vattenfall supplies knowledge of the energy market and takes care of the technical realization of the integration of the pontoon into the local energy network. Greenchoice provides the location, the grid connection and the power for the battery and will carry out the activities necessary for deploying the battery in the flexibility market.

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