New records set in wind and solar production in March

Several records were broken in the production of wind and solar energy in the Netherlands in March 2021. On 13 March, solar and wind even supplied almost 50 % of the Dutch electricity demand. This is evident from the monthly figures of

The top ten of renewable energy production days now includes six days in March, including the record day 13 March. Together with the top days in January, the year 2021 occupies eight places in this top ten. This is mainly due to the increase in installed capacity. Compared to last year, for example, offshore wind capacity has more than doubled. The number of solar panels grew by about 30 %.

In total, 11 % more renewable energy (electricity + heat + transport fuel) was produced compared to March last year.

Peak of 77 % renewable energy production

On March 26, 77 % of all electricity was generated sustainably for a short time. The Climate and Energy Outlook (KEV) of the PBL states that by 2030 an average of 75 % of electricity production will be renewable.

For the whole month, the share of renewable in electricity production was also higher than last year. About 32 % came from renewable sources compared to 28 % in March last year. is a collaboration with EnTranCe / Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen, Tennet, Gasunie and Netbeheer Nederland. The site shows what renewable energy is currently generated in the Netherlands. Source:

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