Start new subsidy scheme for Dutch local cooperative sustainable energy initiatives

On 1 April, 2021, the Dutch ‘Subsidie Coöperatieve Energie’ (SCE) scheme started. Through this scheme, Dutch energy cooperatives and owners associations (VvEs) can apply for a subsidy for their local sustainable energy projects. The opening round for SCE 2021 started on April 1 and will run until December 1. A budget of 92 million euros is available for this round.

The SCE focuses on energy cooperatives and VvEs. With this subsidy scheme they are stimulated to generate renewable electricity in a cooperative context in their own living environment (demarcated by a postcode range). The techniques covered by this scheme are solar energy, wind energy and hydropower. Both small and large connections can be eligible. The SCE replaces the reduced rate tax scheme which was introduced in 2014.

92 million euro budget

The budget for the SCE 2021 subsidy round is 92 million euros. Applications can be submitted until 1 December, 5:00 p.m. Budget distribution is in order of entry. One of the conditions for wind projects is that the final date of commissioning is 3 years after the date the subsidy is granted. The same goes for hydrogen projects. For Solar PV this is 1.5 years. For the years after 2021, a new opening round will follow every year. The new scheme runs until April 1, 2026.

Amount per kWh produced

The subsidy is paid in the form of an amount per kWh produced. Every year. RVO (Netherlands Enterprise Agency) sets base amounts for each type of installation. The base amount is the amount per kWh produced, which is required to make the installation profitable. The base amount of the year in which the application is made then applies for the entire subsidy period of 15 years.

The subsidy per kWh is the difference between the base amount and the correction amount (the market price for energy). A lower limit is set here: the basic energy price. The energy produced must be provided with certificates (guarantees of origin GVO) by CertiQ in order to be eligible for subsidy. Source: RVO

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