Conclusion Mission Critical to safeguard OT environment for Borssele III & IV

The Blauwwind consortium has chosen IT service provider Conclusion Mission Critical for the operational management of the business-critical systems for the Borssele III & IV offshore wind farm, which was officially opened earlier this year.

Conclusion Mission Critical was already closely involved as a consultant in the set-up of Blauwwind’s IT infrastructure, the company reports. It will now also be responsible for the resilience of the OT (Operational Technology) environment and ensuring a good connection with the existing IT environment for the wind farm.

100% availability

Spearheads in the collaboration with Conclusion Mission Critical are continuous availability and high security of the OT environment. In addition, the time to market plays an important role. The smart connection of new wind farms to the existing environment can be realized quickly with the help of standardization by Conclusion Mission Critical.

Luke Machen, Operations Director at Blauwwind: “Conclusion Mission Critical gives us the assurance that the monitoring, management and maintenance of our OT environment is fully taken care of. This allows us to focus on our core task: the safe and sustainable management of our wind farm.”

Borssele III & IV was officially opened in February. The wind farm consists of 77 MHI Vestas V164-9.5 MW turbines. The installed capacity of the wind farm is 731.5 MW. The wind farm was built by the Blauwwind consortium, which consists of Van Oord (10%), Partners Group (45%), Shell (20%), DGE (15%) and Eneco Group (10%).

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