BLIX opens office in Seoul

BLIX Consultancy (BLIX) has opened an office in Seoul, South Korea. From this new office, the Netherlands based consultancy will support the booming local offshore market. It is the second branch office for BLIX in the Asia Pacific region.

Offshore wind is picking up momentum in Korea, especially since the New Green Deal announced by the Korean government in July of 2020. This plan focuses on renewable energy, green infrastructure and industrial sector. The Offshore Wind Collaboration Plan launched shortly after set a target of 12 GW of offshore wind by 2030.

BLIX Korea

The new office will support this growing industry. BLIX Korea will be lead by Mike Cholmin An and Charlie Cheowoo An. Besides acting as local representatives of BLIX, these new directors will be supporting BLIX’ clients and partners in Korea with consultancy services at senior level. Last year BLIX has acquired its first South-Korean project for an undisclosed client and is offering for many more at the moment.

Charlie Cheowoo An: “Korea has been developing the renewable energy sector in line with the global energy transition paradigm, and the upcoming decade is more important than ever especially for the offshore wind sector. Korea has a lot of experiences in construction and has a strong competitive edge in infrastructure projects with high levels of difficulty. With this DNA, Korea is expected to be a success in the offshore wind power business. BLIX Consultancy will be the best partner for Korean clients by reducing the risk and guiding them to success of the projects.”

Mike Cholmin An: “I am very happy to introduce BLIX Consultancy to the Korean market. Now there are many offshore wind projects in Korea with ‘Green New Deal policy’ therefore the right project management is more important than ever. BLIX Consultancy’s expert team will be a great advisor and a partner to Korean customers and lead the project to a success.”

Managing directors Roeland Steenhuis and Albert van der Hem: “We have been working with Charlie and Mike since 2019 and are impressed with their knowledge of the offshore wind market in South-Korea as well as the local supply chain. We are very glad that we can now intensify this cooperation and look forward to working with them to expand our business in Korea.”

Taiwan office

The office is the second in the Asia Pacific region. In 2020, BLIX opened a new branch office in Taiwan where the company has been working on Contract and Balance-of-Plant (BOP) management and additional services on behalf of Northland Power for the 1044 MW Hai Long offshore wind farm project off the coast of Taiwan.

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