Municipalities of Ermelo and Putten continue with Horst en Telgt initiative

The municipalities of Putten and Ermelo have announced that they will proceed with the Horst en Telgt Wind Farm initiative. The plan includes seven wind turbines along the A28 in the communities of Horst and Telgt in Ermelo and is expected to be operational in 2026.

The municipalities of Ermelo and Putten received three applications for the development of wind farms in 2019 and 2020. Two are almost entirely located in the municipality of Ermelo. A third in the municipality of Putten. The municipalities have jointly investigated the possibilities (via a process director) and ultimately opted for one initiative, the Horst en Telgt Wind Farm.

Horst en Telgt Wind Farm

The wind farm is an initiative of Prowind, local community association Horst en Telgt and energy cooperative Veluwe-Energie. The plan is for 7 wind turbines with a capacity of 6 MW along the A28. Six are on the territory of Ermelo and 1 on the territory of Putten.

The location falls within the search area ‘Nuldernauwkust’, which has been designated as a promising area for the generation of wind energy in the draft RES (regional Energy Strategy) of the Noord-Veluwe region. The area has high wind speeds (approx. 8 m / s at 165 meters height).

The wind farm will have an estimated capacity of 42 MW. The turbines will generate 129.5 million kWh annually. This can be compared with the annual power consumption of approximately 37,000 households.

The size of the contribution to the sustainability ambitions of the municipalities and the location in the wind search area played a role in the assessment for the municipalities. In addition, the time invested in cooperation with local residents from the start also have contributed to the decision, according to reports.

Construction aimed to start in 2025

The initiators now have to further develop the plan for the wind farm. If the plan meets all the requirements, the spatial procedure can be started. This year, the EIA procedure (environmental impact assessment) will be performed. The permit process is expected to start in 2022. The initiators hope to obtain all necessary permits by 2024 to start construction in 2025. Source: Municipality of Putten

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