Hardewijk first municipality to be awarded SDE ++ subsidy for wind turbines

Last week, the municipality of Harderwijk and the water board Waterschap Vallei en Veluwe were awarded SDE++ subsidy for the realization of three wind turbines on the Lorentz industrial estate in Hardewijk. This makes Harderwijk the first municipality to receive an SDE++ subsidy for a wind energy project.

The municipality of Hardewijk and Waterschap Vallei en Veluwe submitted the application for the SDE ++ subsidy round at the end of last year. The authorities want to be the first government bodies to build and manage the wind turbines by themselves. This way, the revenues will benefit the citizens of the municipality of Harderwijk. This will probably be done through a sustainability fund, but further research is being done on this.

The 3 wind turbines contribute to the national sustainability goals, but also to the goals set by the authorities themselves. For example, the municipality of Harderwijk wants to reduce CO2 emissions by 45% in 2031 compared to 2010. In 2030, Waterschap Vallei en Veluwe wants to produce at least 30% of the energy demand from sun, wind, water and soil.

Medium sized wind turbines

Two of the three wind turbines will be built by the municipality of Harderwijk in the Lorentz harbor and one wind turbine will be built on land owned by Waterschap Vallei en Veluwe. It concerns wind turbines of a medium size. This puts the project in a special category of wind turbines up to 150 meters, which was recently added to the subsidy scheme by the government.

The subsidy provided by the national government will amount to approximately 8 to 13 million euros. The ultimate amount depends on the actual amount of energy generated and the development of electricity prices. The subsidy mainly contributes to the costs that cannot be covered on the basis of market prices.


The financing decision for the project will be taken in the second half of 2021, followed by the definite turbine choice. According to the planning, construction of the wind turbines will start next year so that they will be fully commissioned in 2023. More information on this project can be obtained from Leon Pulles (Energy Investment Management BV), who is project leader wind energy for this project. Source: Municipality of Hardewijk.

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