Fieldlab Zephyros welcomes nacelle for smart maintenance research

Fieldlab Zephyros welcomed a Vestas V66 nacelle this week in their living lab in Vlissingen. The nacelle will be used for research and development in the field of smart maintenance in the wind industry.

Fieldlab Zephyros is an innovation field lab by World Class Maintenance. Its goal is to develop, test and demonstrate innovations and develop knowledge and skills with the ultimate goal: zero downtime & zero on-site maintenance.


The living lab of Fieldlab Zephyros is located in the development, test and demonstration lab the “KAAP” at the Kenniswerf in Vlissingen. KAAP, located in a warehouse owned by Harthoorn Vlissingen b.v., was officially opened on 14 April. Companies from the province of Zeeland can work together here with education and government to test, develop and demonstrate new products and innovations.

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Opening of KAAP on 14 April 2021

Zephyros already housed a rotor blade here. During the opening ceremony Zephyros project manager Ferry Visser announced that they would soon also be welcoming a nacelle.

The nacelle arrived last Tuesday. The V66 nacelle with a weight of 60,000 kilos has been made available by KAAP partner Prior Group. The transport and positioning of the nacelle was carried out under the supervision of F&B Windpower.

The purpose of the nacelle and the rotor blade is for education and industry to use them together for the development of smart digitized and robotized maintenance solutions.

Other companies in the KAAP

In addition to Zephyros, other companies that are using the KAAP for testing and demonstration at the moment are: Terra Inspectioneering (develops UT drones), HZ University of Applied Sciences, and KICMPI, which tests all kinds of innovations in maintenance technology.

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