a.s.r. acquires Jaap Rodenburg Wind Farm from Vattenfall

Insurance company a.s.r. acquires the onshore wind farm Jaap Rodenburg from Vattenfall. The construction of the wind turbines in this repowering project in Almere-Pampus will start shortly. a.s.r. expects several similar investments to follow in the future.

The Jaap Rodenburg Wind Farm is a repowering project whereby the ten existing wind turbines from 2000 are replaced by new, more powerful ones with a joint capacity of 38 MW. The 10 turbines are supplied by Vestas, type V117-3.45 in Power Optimized Mode with a tip height of 149.75 meters.

Vattenfall developed the project in collaboration with local energy cooperative Almeerse Wind, who will operate two of the wind turbines upon completion.

With this purchase, a.s.r. wants to contribute to the energy transition and a sustainable living environment as a sustainable insurer. Dick Gort, CEO a.s.r. real estate said: “a.s.r. wants to be a leader in sustainable entrepreneurship within the financial sector. a.s.r. real estate therefore invests in sustainable energy sources, including wind and solar farms.”

According to Martijn Hagens, CEO Vattenfall Netherlands, the sale of Jaap Rodenburg will provide Vattenfall more room to start up new projects and further accelerate the energy transition.

Ready for the end of the year

The dismantling of the old turbines was completed in the summer of 2020 and was followed by the start of the civil works. The first transports with components have started over the past days. The turbines are expected to be operational by the end of this year. The amount of energy generated annually is equal to the power consumption of approximately 28,000 households. Photo: Jorrit Lousberg / source: a.s.r.

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