Tetrahedron and Friede join in NewWindShape

Dutch innovative crane designer Tetrahedron and US company Friede & Goldman are combining forces to develop NewWindShape, a dedicated feeder solution combing proven jack-up technology and award-winning crane design for the offshore wind industry. It is to offer a cost-efficient solution to the US offshore wind market.

Friede & Goldman’s is applied with Tetrahedron’s crane to produce a feeder vessel solution which optimizes existing logistic infrastructure.

Friede & Goldman is a Texas based naval architects and marine engineering company with vast experience from over 100 built jack-ups. Rotterdam-based Tetrahedron designed a crane for efficient wind turbine installation with key attention paid to lifting height, capacity at height, lifting radius and jib-clearance. Due to this, a compact Tetrahedron crane model can be used to install today’s largest turbines, according to the company. The company patented, developed and achieved DNVGL design verification on the crane principle and concept design.

US offshore wind market

The solution maximizes the use of existing United States infrastructure. The NewWindShape solution serves moored feeder barges, stand-off feeder barges,and feeder barges equipped with dynamic positioning. Due to the all rigging on deck-level-principle and superior lift-off-speed, motion compensation systems are not required.

The companies say that the NewWindShape solution applied in the US wind market would halve CapEx and spread cost as compared to traditional WTIV’s. Source Tetrahedron and Friede

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