Industrieterrein Moerdijk Wind Farm produces first power

The first Nordex wind turbines at Industrieterrein Moerdijk wind farm have begun producing electricity in test mode last week. The wind turbines will be tested in the coming period before they are officially handed over to park owner Vattenfall. With this test period, the end of construction activities is near.

The Industrieterrein Moerdijk onshore wind farm is located in the harbor area of ​​Moerdijk, in the province of North Brabant. The project by Vattenfall comprises 7 Nordex wind turbines, type N131/3900 with a tip height of 180 meters. Together these 7 turbines bring the total installed capacity of the wind farm to 25 MW.

Turbine installation work started in September 2020. The last turbine was placed at the end of January. Last week, the first wind turbines started a trial run and supplied the first power to the grid. The electricity generated is fed into the national grid via Tennet’s high-voltage substation in Moerdijk.

During this test period, the switch is slowly made to full production. Each turbine must operate continuously for at least ten days without malfunctions. If all goes well, all turbines will have to run continuously for another five days before the German wind turbine manufacturer can officially hand over the 7 turbines to Vattenfall.

A first: gateway on a wind turbine

On one of the turbines a receiver for smart sensors (Gateway) has been placed, which is unique. The gateway retrieves information about the air quality and amount of CO2 emissions in an area. This can be used for shipping, railroads and industry and by municipalities, government agencies, companies and private individuals.

Wrapping up site works

In the meantime, Dura Vermeer, as main contractor responsible for the construction of the wind farm, is finishing and tidying up the site, including the removal of the temporary roads and the construction of new roads that will be used for maintenance of the turbines. Furthermore, the trees that were removed before the start of construction have been replanted. Vattenfall expects to have all site work completed in the third quarter of 2021. Source: Vattenfall

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