Eneco and GIGA Storage kick off realization of largest battery in the Netherlands

Eneco and GIGA Storage will start with the construction of what is to become the largest battery in the Netherlands; GIGA Buffalo. The battery will have a capacity of 24 MW and 48 MWh. With GIGA Buffalo it is possible to balance supply and demand of electricity with the help of green energy. The battery is planned to be operational after the summer of 2022.

The electricity that is annually stored in the battery is more than 30,000 MWh, which is comparable to the annual energy consumption of approximately 9,000 households. This makes the GIGA Buffalo more than six times as large as the current GIGA Rhino battery. Eneco will lease the battery from GIGA Storage on a long-term basis and use it for its energy services.

The large battery will make it possible to further integrate sustainable means of production in the electricity market and is expected to yield CO2 savings of more than 23 thousand tons per year.

Energy balance

In order to achieve the goal of further integration of sustainable production resources, Eneco will mainly use GIGA Buffalo for forecasting errors in supply and demand of energy on the intraday trading market. In addition, the battery is used for support services to TenneT. This will be done completely sustainably. In the coming months, preparations will be made for construction, such as finalizing the necessary contracts with suppliers and financing.


GIGA Buffalo will be connected to Windnet‘s smart grid at the site of Wageningen University & Research near Lelystad. This includes research into how the most amount of sustainable energy as possible can be fed into the current electricity grid.

GIGA Buffalo is a project of GIGA Storage B.V., developer of energy storage systems. Ruud Nijs, CEO of GIGA Storage: “Our ambition is to become the largest sustainable electricity storage company in Europe. The collaboration with Eneco contributes to this. In addition to realizing the largest battery in the Netherlands with GIGA Buffalo, we are now combining this for the first time with the rental of energy storage capacity to (energy) companies.”

Lucien Wiegers, Commercial Director Eneco Energy Trade: “For Eneco, being able to balance the supply and demand of energy, the intraday positions, is vital in order to be able to realize the further integration of sustainable means of production. Storage of energy, in batteries that are available 24/7 will play an important role in this, so we are delighted with the development of GIGA Buffalo, which at the same time also enables us to make significant CO2 savings.” Source: Eneco

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