CORROSION and M&O to target offshore wind in Norway and Brazil with ICCP systems

Dutch CORROSION and Rio de Janeiro based M&O Partners are embarking on a new adventure together. After working successfully together for 8 years supplying the Brazilian maritime industry, the companies are now entering a commercial partnership to supply the offshore wind market with smart and sustainable impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) systems.

The partnership will initially be focusing on the offshore wind energy sector in Norway and Brazil. Norway, which traditionally has been focusing on the oil & gas industry, is now turning towards offshore wind with the big oil companies as frontrunners, but also with the participation of many new companies. The Brazilian offshore wind sector is also developing, and with over 7.000 kilometers of coastline, Brazil has great potential for offshore wind power. Wind energy companies are investing in new offshore wind projects in Brazil, and international energy companies are analyzing the possibility of developing offshore wind farm projects in Brazilian waters.

Sustainable and innovative solutions

With increased activity in this sector, an increased demand for maintenance and repair solutions also follows. Modern wind turbines and their foundations need maintenance and repair solutions to avoid being damaged by corrosion and fouling.

Since 2008, CORROSION has been bringing an innovative, sustainable ICCP solution to the offshore wind market. The anodes will work for more than 25 years and release no harmful material into the environment. The smart system makes it possible to access corrosion protection performance remotely, which means that you can make adjustments and perform service from your onshore location.

“M&O is a proven partner for CORROSION in the maritime sector and with this new cooperation CORROSION and M&O will be partners side-by-side in the offshore wind industry. With this new cooperation, we believe that a good foundation has been laid for the future in Norway and Brazil for our relations in offshore wind. Working with professionals who are known locally ensures that we are accessible to everyone, with an open attitude and able to offer sustainable solutions to the market “, says Niels Ros, Sales Manager at CORROSION.

“This partnership is very important for M&O Partners and is aligned with our goal to continue strengthen our portfolio of suppliers of energy transition solutions. CORROSION is already a brand name within the Offshore Wind segment, and together we will make sure CORROSION will continue to strengthen their position in our target markets”, says Erik Hannisdal Managing Partner at M&O.

M&O was founded in Rio de Janeiro in 2009 by Norwegians. M&O has a focus on offering equipment, services and software to the maritime, offshore and subsea industries. Besides the innovative ICCP systems from CORROSION, M&O works with other international suppliers that offer offshore wind solutions for initial construction and installation, and for inspection, repair and maintenance.

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