Albatrozz technology to be tested on Pure Energie wind turbine in Flevoland

Energy company Pure Energie and Albatrozz have signed a cooperation agreement to test the patented Albatrozz technology on a practical scale. The technology should result in more energy yield at lower winds. For this purpose Pure Energie will temporarily convert one of its wind turbines in Flevoland into a test set-up.

Start-up Albatrozz is working on an innovative technology to significantly increase the efficiency of wind turbines. The technology is copied from seabirds such as the Albatross. Long-winged seabirds such as albatrosses cope with low wind speeds by having their wings oscillate around their longitudinal axis. These oscillations cause the airflow over the wing to almost break free from the wing surface, whereby the upward thrust becomes much greater. Before the flow completely breaks free, the wing ‘wobbles’ back again. The peak forces are thus up to twice as high.

The Albatrozz technology is the result of research carried out within the biomimetics group of Professor Stamhuis at the Energy and Sustainability Research Institute Groningen (ESRIG). He was granted a European patent for the Albatrozz in early 2020. A consortium consisting of the University of Groningen and the companies EmpowerMi (Groningen) and RG-Projecten (Leiden) is to make the invention available for application on large wind turbines.

The technology had previously been successfully tested with a relatively small wind turbine in ESRIG’s wind tunnel. These tests showed an efficiency increase of up to 25% at low wind speeds. Pure Energie is now making a wind turbine available so that Albatrozz can test the patented technology on a practical scale. In doing so Pure Energie wishes to contribute to new solutions for making sustainable energy more efficient. The test will be carried out with the support of the Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Change and Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO).

Albatrozz will make and test a set of oscillating wings before placing them on the wind turbine made available: a Vestas V52. The modification of the wind turbine will be carried out by the company Business in Wind. The contract for this was signed in June this year. The exact location has not yet been announced. It is expected that the test will take place at the end of this year. Source: Pure Energie/Albatrozz

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