Vattenfall, ProRail and NS open Nieuwe Hemweg wind farm in Amsterdam

Vattenfall, NS and ProRail have jointly opened the Nieuwe Hemweg wind farm in the Amsterdam harbour, on NS land near Amsterdam Sloterdijk station. It concerns a repowering project whereby six new wind turbines have replaced 12 older ones. Together, the new turbines have an installed capacity of 13.2 MW, almost double that of the old ones.

Vattenfall started the construction of the turbines in the autumn of 2020. The turbines are supplied by Vestas and are of the type V100, with a tip height of 150 metres. Due to mild winter weather, they could be assembled in record time. VolkerWind was contracted as contractor for the realisation of the entire Balance of Plant. Fundations, roads, crane stands and the complete park cabling were part of the scope.

After an extensive testing period, the turbines are now officially in use. The power generated by the wind turbines goes to Vattenfall. We previously reported that Vattenfall used the environmental cost indicator method for the first time in the procurement process for the construction of the wind farm. According to Vattenfall, this method produced considerable environmental savings.

2 old = 1 new

As part of the project, 12 older turbines were removed. Eight of these stood on the site of the new wind farm. In addition, four old turbines were removed from the IJsselmeer near Medemblik. This is in line with the policy of the province of Noord-Holland to remove two wind turbines in the province in order to install one new one.

Challenging location

According to Vattenfall, building at this intensively used location was challenging. Land is scarce in this area and a train siding was already planned for ProRail. It was the first time in the Netherlands that Vattenfall had constructed a wind farm right next to a railway siding. Source: Vattenfall Photo: Vattenfall/Jorrit Lousberg

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