Meewind becomes shareholder in Groendus

Investment fund Meewind becomes shareholder in Groendus, the energy network for Dutch businesses. The company joins main investor NPM Capital and the board members of Groendus.

Groendus, an initiative of five specialised energy companies, was launched at the beginning of March this year. The company aims to make the business sector in the Netherlands more sustainable by adopting an innovative integral approach to smart energy saving, self-generation and direct purchase and sale, and thus to accelerate the energy transition. An important factor is the focus on simultaneity: using the required energy when it is generated by renewable energy sources. To this end, it developed the innovative Energy Marketplace where supply and demand for green power are linked on the basis of hourly coincidences, without the intervention of traditional energy suppliers.

Experience in the sustainable energy transition

Meewind already invested in a few solar energy related projects of Groendus. The investment fund is also known for its earlier investments in wind farms in Belgium and the Netherlands. As an acceding shareholder Meewind now consciously invests in the total proposition of Groendus.

With its extensive knowledge and experience in the energy transition, Meewind acts as an important sounding board for Groendus. The investment also enables Groendus to grow further and thus to accelerate the energy transition in the Netherlands. Source: Groendus/Meewind Image: Meewind already invested in the solar energy system along the A32 motorway.

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