Turbine installation starts at Noord-Beveland Wind Farm

This week a start was made with the installation of the first of four wind turbines in the Noord-Beveland wind farm in the Jacoba-Rippolder on Noord-Beveland. The four turbines replace the five turbines in the old Jacoba Rippolder wind farm.

The onshore wind farm Jacoba Rippolder was opened in 2008 and was an initiative of the company Camperwind BV in which several farmers were united. The wind farm comprised of five old Nordex N90 turbines with a hub height of 80 metres and a tip height of 125 metres.

Camperwind’s plan, through Windpark Noord-Beveland BV, to replace the five old turbines with four larger ones with a tip height of 150 metres was approved at the end of 2018. The new Nordex N117 turbines with a rotor blade of 58.5 metres, a hub height of 91 metres, and a capacity of 3.6 MW, will be located at the Krommeweg in Kamperland.

VolkerWind was commissioned by Green Trust Consultancy, responsible for the contracting, tendering and construction of the wind farm, to realise the Balance of Plant for the four new turbines. Aquavia and Visser & Smit Hanab are working together on this project on behalf of VolkerWind.

The preparatory work started in November 2020. The first pile foundation was placed in mid-March. KWS reported this week that the construction of the turbines has started. The turbine components were delivered in the previous weeks. The lifting is done with an 800 ton crane. Meanwhile, Visser Smit & Hanab is working on the cabling. Source: LinkedIn posts a.o. KWS. Photo credits: Louis Vooges

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