Dura Vermeer-GMB combination completes foundation construction in Zeewolde

Windcombinatie Dura Vermeer-GMB poured the concrete for the final of a total of 91 wind turbine foundations in Zeewolde for clients Windpark Zeewolde BV, Eneco and Pure Energie. The foundations were completed in a record time of eight months; three months ahead of schedule, the consortium reported today.

Windcombinatie Dura Vermeer – GMB v.o.f. is a partnership between the companies Dura Vermeer Infra Landelijke Projecten B.V. and GMB Civiel B.V. In total, over 5,000 tonnes of reinforcement and over 42,500 m3 of concrete were used for the 91 foundations. During the peak of the construction of the foundations ten concrete pours took place every week, which comes down to five complete foundations per week.

Three clients

The activities were commissioned by three clients: Windpark Zeewolde BV with 83 wind turbines, Eneco with four wind turbines and Pure Energie, also with four wind turbines. The wind turbines are all supplied by Vestas. The Danish wind turbine manufacturer supplied a range of turbines with different heights and power ratings.

In addition to the foundations, Windcombinatie Dura Vermeer-GMB was also responsible for the construction of the park roads, crane hardstands and park cabling. It will remain involved in the coming year for the construction and clearing of temporary crane hardstands and storage locations.

The construction of the Pure Energie turbines was recently completed. At Zeewolde Wind Farm it is still in full swing. Recently, the first turbine was put into operation. The wind farm is expected to become operational in autumn 2022. All 91 turbines will be connected to a new transformer station managed by Windpark Zeewolde BV. Photo: © Dura Vermeer

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