New software in N33 Wind Farm turbines should reduce noise nuisance

This week, following several tests, new software has been installed in the wind turbines of the N33 Wind Farm near Meeden in the province of Groningen. The modification should reduce the noise nuisance reported to be coming from the turbines. The new software will be monitored in the coming period.

Wind farm N33 consists of the two sub projects Eekerpolder (RWE) and Vermeer (Yard Energy). A total of 35 Siemens Gamesa DD-130 R19 wind turbines with a capacity of 4.2 MW are installed here. 27 wind turbines in the northern area (RWE/Yard Energy), 4 wind turbines in the middle area (Yard Energy) and 4 wind turbines in the southern area (Yard Energy).

Since the start of the test phase of the Eekerpolder wind farm, RWE has received several reports of noise nuisance. A disturbing humming noise was reported from the surrounding area.

Research and app notifications

During the past few months, research company Arcadis, among others, carried out continuous measurements at the Eekerpolder wind farm on behalf of RWE. During the measurements, the noise was continuously measured and monitored in relation to wind speed, wind direction and power. In addition, during the night hours (22:00 – 7:00 hours) all wind turbines were reduced in power to a level at which the turbines could not produce the maximum wind turbine noise, RWE reported.

In addition, local residents could report the noise via an app. Thanks to these measurements and the app notifications, a large number of analyses were carried out so that adjustments and new optimisations could be made and (could) be tested again. Based on this information, the wind turbine supplier implemented new settings in both sub-farms.

Monitoring the results

In the coming period, continuous measurements will be carried out to determine the effect of the modified settings, such as the way the turbines behave in changing weather conditions. RWE will record the measured noise 24/7. The energy company calls on local residents to continue to report this where applicable. Source: Wind farm N33 Photo: general

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