Ampelmann closed 13 offshore deals in first half 2021

Dutch offshore access provider Ampelmann has signed 13 contracts in European offshore wind in the first half of 2021. Among the contracts for delivery of their offshore access systems is one in France, a new market for Ampelmann.

With these 13 contracts, the company enables the installation and maintenance of wind farms by providing motion compensated gangway solutions for both personnel and cargo transfer.

For all campaigns, Ampelmann relies on its A-type and E1000 systems. Two of the projects will make use of the company’s A-hoist add-on, a recent innovation that enables its flagship system, the A-type, to lift and transfer cargo up to 240kg in a safe and efficient manner. This is particularly important in operations where tools and parts need to be brought to and from the offshore platform.

For larger cargo operations, Ampelmann is using the E1000, which can transfer loads up to 1 ton and fully compensate for the motions of the vessel in high sea states.

The A-type and E1000 systems are supporting the installation of several new wind farms, among which the Horn Sea Two, Moray East and Hollandse Kust.

First project in French waters

Among the recently secured projects is one in France, a new market for Ampelmann, where it is supporting the installation of the foundation of a wind farm. This also happens to be the company’s first commercial offshore wind project in France.

Apart from the installation and commissioning of wind farms, Ampelmann’s systems are also supporting multiple maintenance operations. In either case, having a system that is capable of transferring both cargo and personnel has proven to be crucial.

Returning customers

A large part of the 13 contracts has been signed with returning customers. In order to further improve its offering, the Dutch offshore access provider now also offers access to Ampelmann Insights, its data-driven platform that gives clients a detailed look into their day-to-day operations. This includes the number of transfers they’ve completed, the performance of the system as well as a workability forecast based on sea and weather conditions.

The company has enabled the safe transfer of more than 22,000 people and close to 1.5 million kg of cargo in these 13 new projects so far, the company said. Source: Ampelmann

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